Here We Go (New Single)


The new single “Here We Go” – Was a fun project for me to compose. My challenge was to simplify performance while maintaining my signature on this particular track. I wanted to create a melody that would ring out in the listeners mind unconsciously.  My first step in creating that melody would be to play a soothing instrument or two on top of a nice groove.  So I chose to play the acoustic guitar as well as the piano for my melody lines. The two sounds together are rather soothing, but yet aggressive enough to ring out in your mind. “Here We Go” will be available this week in all of your Digital Streaming Markets (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, CD-Baby, etc.).




The understanding of live improvisation is knowing that history is in your presence. Although tones and character may bare similarities, this is only a resemblance of what was once played. -PS


One For Brother Blue


One For Brother Blue stands on an “Urban Jazz” platform that is with soul, blues and raw urban jazz. It’s not a comparison piece within its genre. It is a song that cries out from the heart and bleeds with soulful feelings. This particular piece was composed while coping with the loss of my two brothers within a 12 month time span.  I called on a couple of musicians (Shane Davidson- Lead Guitar and Kevin Nash-Saxophone) who are great friends as well, to assist me in taking my song on a journey into this generic (independent) genre.